What makes a picture worth a thousand words?

So far, throughout our 1st and 2nd lessons in 8G English, we have been discussing what makes a picture worth a thousand words. On Tuesday we were put into groups and given a picture to talk about and discuss what we felt and saw in that picture. We talked about how if posed pictures or ones that were just taken coincidentally were more powerful with what they revealed.

Our groups’ picture was of a young girl who looked like she was running away from something. Poverty, family problems, or just because she has no family at all… We don’t know. The young girl looked scared, but also curious. We decided that it was not a posed shot, but one taken when she had turned around to check her surroundings.

Today, Ms Blythe read out to us a short story that she had written for her class this year. We were instructed to close our eyes while she read out the story to us. Afterwards, we talked to a partner about what pictures came into our minds when she was reading. Wren and I both said that we thought of The Hunger Games because it reminded us of how in the first book there were mutts that were doglike.

I believe that there are many different reasons as to why a picture is worth a thousand words. The colours, emotions, even weather helps to form an opinion of how that picture is meant to be perceived. Bright colours, like yellow, show happiness. Although, any colour can be made duller, and that joined in with a dark picture can make things seem sad. Rain in a picture can be either good or bad. Say if a person was sitting alone in the rain, looking sad, that’s a non-happy picture. Or, the clique, a boy and girl kissing in the rain.
Emotions are written all over everyone’s face. If someone is happy, generally they have a smile on their face, and their eyes shine brightly. Tears, a sad face, a slumping walk, show to me that that person is not happy.

It is quite easy to tell the mood of a picture by these things. All you have to do is look for them.


My Multiple Intelligence Survey

Strengths 🙂

1. Musical – Music Smart

2. Interpersonal – People Smart

3. Intrapersonal – Myself Smart


My opinion:

I agree with all of them except for my number 1 strength. I did not think that Musical would be in there. I thought that I would have Linguistic – Word Smart.



1. Visual/Spatial – Picture Smart

2. Logical – Number Smart

3. Kinaesthetic – Body Smart


My opinion:

I definitely agree with my top 3 weaknesses! I am not very good at drawing or anything to do with pictures. Maths is not one of my best subjects but I’m not terribly bad at it. But I was surprised by my third weakness.


Learning Goals

Hi, this post is about my learning goals for the term… 🙂

My goal for the classroom: To write down my homework in my planner so that I don’t forget

My goal for out of school: Excercise, get fit!

My goal for using my laptop: Make sure it is always charged fully before going to school

Hopefully I can achieve them by the end of the term 🙂

What are your goals?